Proactive plant change – from myth to imperative

Can production companies truly be proactive about change? I hope so, but my experience makes me think it is pretty rare. Especially when it comes to investing in new processes and systems in the plant and operations. Maybe not entirely mythical, but close. So often change happens only after a major disaster. Breakdowns typically lead […]

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Manufacturing with analytics in the cloud

Can industrial analytics succeed in the cloud?

Is the cloud ready for industrial and machine data? I have been asking experienced practitioners whether they see new technologies fitting into the plant floor software market. On the topic of cloud, the jury was out – responses came back from “We think this is important and are moving there.” to “Certain applications will go […]

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Re-Frame medical device DHR Product data

Re-framing in Medical Devices

Regulations – such a burden on the medical device industry. Or are they? I am advocating that companies re-frame traceability regulations to see them as opportunities. Whether it’s eDHR or UDI, these requirements are actually proving to have an enormous upside, and not just for patient safety. What most medical device companies have not yet […]

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Project sentiment dips

Breakdown, Breakthrough: Pushing through Discomfort to Change

Going outside of the “comfort zone” is fraught with challenges. People pushing back, challenges in planning for the unknown, unexpected setbacks and realities, disagreements and delays… Managing change typically means many periods of intense discomfort – often for many people. Yet, this is when we make progress. When things break down, you can best come […]

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Gaining Visibility – Different Paths can Work

Should a company replace, or simply add a visibility layer onto an existing system? While I’ve often advocated for investing in modern MES / MOM to gain all of the additional functionality as well as visibility and usability, there are companies that take a less drastic step and still gain visibility. Such is the case […]

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Peer-to-Peer or Hierarchical?

Should information flows be hierarchical up and down from “top floor to shop floor”? Or in today’s connected world are they more peer-to-peer? My answer: A bit of both. In an LNS Research blog post, “IIoT will Change Our View of CIM”, Dan Miklovic argues that the Purdue model is dated. I agree. It also […]

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3DS Analyst Meeting 2015

Building Toward Big Vision: The Dassault Experience

What is the most challenging part of pursuing a big vision? Often, it’s turning it into reality. The progress must be steady and realistic, which can be frustrating for a visionary. Yet the typical path to a bigger, better future is step-by-step, gathering steam and support from others as you go. Sometimes the path will […]

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Can you See the Silver Lining in Compliance?

The old adage is “every cloud has a silver lining.” Finding the positive in what is typically considered a negative can be powerful.  Can you do it with compliance? Most manufacturers rebel against compliance requirements.  Whether the demand for compliance is from a customer or a regulatory body, if the company views it only as […]

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Integrating Virtual to Real – 30-year Vision

Do you have any visions from 30 years ago that are still not quite reality? I do. A vision that product and process design data (virtual reality) will connect in a closed loop system with actual data from production, supply chain, and in-field use (physical reality). I think many in manufacturing have this one. Are […]

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Perspectives in and on Projects

Why do so many projects fail to meet expectations? Because everyone involved has a different perspective and understanding of the project plan and expectations, which leads a project to lack fidelity. When it is no longer be true to our original intention the project gets off course, stuck, fragmented, unable to live up to our […]

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