3D printing a car at IMTS

Is Manufacturing Plant Optimization Obsolete?

What are the implications of 3D printing? Larger than I can imagine, I know. So large that I am asking myself: Will discrete manufacturing plants be replaced by a network of makers? Will I witness the end of manufacturing as I have known it all my life? As 3D printing matures to handle multiple materials […]

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Color 15 Tesselation Justin P

Holistic Supply Chain Planning Finally Gets its Due

Everything is interconnected, and you can’t optimize an entire system unless you take a holistic view. While this is common sense, the more recognized supply chain software providers assembled a portfolio from disparate planning pieces that only integrate at a surface level. Until recently companies with true end-to-end holistic planning and optimization were the upstart […]

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Inside & Outside the box

Outside-the-box Business Applications

Is it time to re-vamp how you manage your enterprise information and business processes? Probably. Most companies are boxed in by their systems today. Nearly every company has an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and these were critical to establishing business process flows. Yet ERP has some major mismatches with how companies work today. For […]

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The Curious leader leverages his team

The Curious Leader

In this time of great change for manufacturing, leaders must stay curious. While good leadership requires self-confidence and knowledge, a healthy dose of paranoia about what you don’t know is also critical. Leadership means being open to new ideas  and actually seeking them out.  How? By listening both to the people around you putting your […]

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Getting Comfortable with a New Skill or Topic

How do you go from hearing about something for the first time to feeling comfortable with it? How does the initial uncertainty make you feel? Many of us feel discomfort with things we don’t know. Depending on your outlook, you might get anxious, angry, defensive, frustrated, fearful, embarrassed or just curious when faced with something […]

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Manufacturing Mimics Nature – or tries to at least

Think about the most complex, carefully controlled and fine-tuned systems on the planet. Where did that thought take you? To a high-mix specialty chemicals process? A semiconductor fab? Automotive assembly line? A VOIP system? An industry 4.0 “smart factory” with smart products, equipment, and materials? BZZZZ. Incorrect. These don’t hold a candle to what your […]

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Sustainability 3Ps graphic

Sustainability: Revisiting People, Planet, Profit

How sustainable is your business? When you examine the weak links, are they in people, planet, or profits? My experience is that most companies have some weak areas in all of these… and often the weaknesses are linked. However, the approaches to solve sustainability issues often don’t fully address these interdependencies. For example, many companies […]

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Genealogy: Missing Prerequisite?

A prerequisite for selling products in a region is to comply with environmental legislation, which typically entails knowing exactly what is in each unit. The obvious way would be to use the product genealogy – but apparently it’s not the easy way. In fact, most decision-makers can’t put their hands on genealogy data. In our […]

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Great Teams have Great Coaches: Does yours?

How many times have you seen projects deliver less than you think they could have? Or people on your team be less effective than the could be? Or entire business teams never quite gel? I ‘ve seen it quite often. There are many reasons why this happens – and today I’ll explore just one: The […]

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Functions and approach both matter to MES/MOM

What do manufacturers need from MES/MOM as they move into an unknown future? What we do know is that this future features not only new technologies such as cloud, mobile, and big data getting bigger with IIoT. OK, so there are technologies to accommodate. We also are already seeing new VUCA demands and expectations for […]

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