Have MES Come of Age?

Have we learned enough to succeed consistently? It’s the age-old question for manufacturing execution systems and operations management systems (MES/MOM). The technology is mature enough, but the practices for selecting, implementing, adopting and sustaining them… well that’s still an outstanding question. Tomorrow I have the good fortune to moderate a MESA International webcast where Rick […]

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What can you imagine?

What can you imagine? Does it show in what you do? Every company stands for something, and Bill Taylor, the founder of Fast Company, encourages business people to think of strategy as advocacy. Do you and your company stand for something compelling? Some companies truly do have a big and exciting vision and others can’t […]

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The Missing Link for Service Level Success

Many makers of complex equipment are not ready to reap full profits from selling a service level. This is true despite massive transformation investments in marketing, skills and information systems. Ever since Rolls Royce pioneered selling “Power by the Hour” rather than aircraft engines, many manufacturing companies have shifted focus from offering products to offering […]

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Mainstream MES

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) may finally be entering the real mainstream, the mid-market. MES, by my definition, broadly functional systems that address many needs for production plants. To make the implementation time and cost affordable, these smaller and mid-size companies may not actually implement all of the functions or integration to equipment and other software […]

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PLM and MES Story Grows as Siemens Adds Camstar

In the middle of the product lifecycle is Make… I have said this for years. And increasingly it’s clear that the leaders in product lifecycle management (PLM) software believe that is an important component. Last week, Siemens PL group announced its intention to acquire Camstar Systems. Siemens already had MES in Simatic IT, originally from […]

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Moving production to 3D – even in smaller companies

For years, those in manufacturing have used 2D drawings to annotate and show critical product information such as tolerances, finishes, materials, etc. While 3D product design has been the norm for many years, the models were simply too challenging for manufacturing and non CAD-trained people to use effectively. Until recently. Model-based definition (MBD) is not […]

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Realities for UDI and Beyond

The #1 concern that keeps medical device professionals awake at night is compliance with new regulations. The question is, how much work will medical device companies need to do to meet the FDA’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirement? Most companies will need to do quite a lot that they haven’t until now. So is it […]

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Manufacturing Magic at IMTS

What can you imagine designing and making? Dream as big or small or complex as you’d like…Someone can probably make it, and quickly. At least that’s the big impression I came back with after visiting the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) last week. It was manufacturing magic. I was there representing Iyno and also discussing […]

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Expanding for Collaboration in 2015

Collaboration – sounds like nothing new, but I believe it is. Manufacturers are just starting to have appropriate tools to do this on a large scale, across company sizes and trading partners. SolidWorks 2015 aims to deliver intuitive collaboration for more people in individual companies and across all sizes of companies and trading partners. Most […]

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Expanding horizons from plant to supply chain

Many software companies expand out from their initial functions to support a broader process. The question is, how easy will the expansion be to make the new capabilities as successful as the original ones have been? Two prominent providers of manufacturing plant floor focused software have recently expanded their scope to include supply chain capabilities.  […]

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