Perspectives in and on Projects

Why do so many projects fail to meet expectations? Because everyone involved has a different perspective and understanding of the project plan and expectations, which leads a project to lack fidelity. When it is no longer be true to our original intention the project gets off course, stuck, fragmented, unable to live up to our […]

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Terminology danger zone

When I say ‘collaboration’ do you think of working as a team, conspiring with the enemy in WW II, or software applications designed for sharing information and ideas? These are perfectly legitimate definitions. We use the same words to mean so many different things… and that’s the terminology danger zone! Much of the time, we […]

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Merger and acquisition mania and myopia

Every day, some company is being acquired by another. This is the nature of business. Often, the rationale has to do generating constant growth without a hit to profits; other times, it’s a way to do something productive when cash accumulates. We usually think of this a in the graphic – big fish eats little […]

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Production: In the Supply Chain, but not Of it

While I’ve always thought of production as in the middle of the supply chain – and apparently others do to, with Make at the center of the SCOR model – that does not mean many people have experience in both domains. In fact few do. And that contributes to some disconnects. I was reminded of […]

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Manufacturing Matters – Governments Get it! Will you benefit?

Clearly, many countries understand that manufacturing matters. All around the world, national and regional governments are creating initiatives to bolster the competitiveness of their own manufacturing industry. These often also create new technology or provide testbeds and proof points for new technology. Yesterday, President Obama rolled out additional initiatives for the US in relationship to fabrics […]

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Selecting MES

How does a company define their needs and select a manufacturing execution system (MES) to meet them? In existing plants, the way things have always been done can get in the way of clarity about requirements. With a new product or a greenfield plant that is still under construction, the needs may not be completely […]

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True Predictive Maintenance to Smooth Operations

It seems like a plant manager’s dream: knowing weeks ahead of time when a production machine is going to fail, and what the failure mode will be. Maintenance and operations can both plan for needed downtime. This has been the objective for many years, but none of the previous types of maintenance approaches could do […]

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The next wave of MES in semiconductor

Sometimes pioneers find that 20 years later, the territory that they discover becomes very heavily populated, and changes drastically. The buildings that they erected are now dilapidated. The new settlers come with fresh newfangled approaches and things. In some cases, a wave simply comes and washes the village away, leaving only rubble. This is the […]

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Scheduling Embedded in MES

One of the most rewarding jobs I had was marketing plant floor scheduling software. We were able to optimize the operations of many manufacturers back in the day with that technology.  Think about how important it is to know WHEN to do things and WHICH resources are available to do them at that time! Especially […]

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The Next Wave of MES in Semiconductor

There is a natural ebb and flow in every industry. Semiconductor companies really got the manufacturing execution systems (MES) market off the ground, and after a long quiet period, a wave of new MES activity is happening in the semiconductor industry. Why? Because legacy MES – especially those systems installed over 10 years ago – […]

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