Genealogy: Missing Prerequisite?

A prerequisite for selling products in a region is to comply with environmental legislation, which typically entails knowing exactly what is in each unit. The obvious way would be to use the product genealogy – but apparently it’s not the easy way. In fact, most decision-makers can’t put their hands on genealogy data. In our […]

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Great Teams have Great Coaches: Does yours?

How many times have you seen projects deliver less than you think they could have? Or people on your team be less effective than the could be? Or entire business teams never quite gel? I ‘ve seen it quite often. There are many reasons why this happens – and today I’ll explore just one: The […]

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Functions and approach both matter to MES/MOM

What do manufacturers need from MES/MOM as they move into an unknown future? What we do know is that this future features not only new technologies such as cloud, mobile, and big data getting bigger with IIoT. OK, so there are technologies to accommodate. We also are already seeing new VUCA demands and expectations for […]

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Essential Role of Industry 4.0 paper

Does MES/MOM have a role in Industry 4.0?

If smart materials are talking to smart machines to become smart products, do you still need MES/MOM to coordinate plant activities? This is the picture of Industry 4.0. After due analysis, I believe the answer is clearly yes. I know not everyone agrees. Some think yes, others no, and many are simply not sure. Industry […]

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Baxter and person

People in the Future Factory

I see people in factories in the future, but doing some very different jobs. There is so much debate right now about how many jobs robots will take over, and how many more jobs will be eliminated with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, or whatever your vision of a more automated […]

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Is your manufacturing business ready to grow?

With a shifting landscape, most manufacturers cannot keep  keep a competitive edge with the status quo. On the one hand, the goal is to make production predictable and on the other nothing else in the business is. Every industry is being disrupted. Fortunately, there are ways you can BE to succeed, even if what you […]

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SolidWorks Manufacturing Ecosystem

Mid-size Manufacturers Step into Collaboration

What can mid-size and even small manufacturers do now that they might not have been able to afford a few years ago? Collaborate. By that I mean work effectively across disciplines internally, and with customers and suppliers as well. They can also pump out amazingly innovative products at a rate that would previously taken armies […]

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Konecranes on Industrial Internet

Are you ready to disrupt? Siemens PLM shows some customers are

“Today, if you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else is; your fate is to be either the disrupter or the disrupted. There is no middle ground.” This quote from Salim Ismail, author of Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours really woke me up. We all know it is […]

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Proactive plant change – from myth to imperative

Can production companies truly be proactive about change? I hope so, but my experience makes me think it is pretty rare. Especially when it comes to investing in new processes and systems in the plant and operations. Maybe not entirely mythical, but close. So often change happens only after a major disaster. Breakdowns typically lead […]

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Manufacturing with analytics in the cloud

Can industrial analytics succeed in the cloud?

Is the cloud ready for industrial and machine data? I have been asking experienced practitioners whether they see new technologies fitting into the plant floor software market. On the topic of cloud, the jury was out – responses came back from “We think this is important and are moving there.” to “Certain applications will go […]

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