Have the Life you Want with Manufacturing Disciplines: Introduction

Today I had the honor of speaking at a TEDx conference, and my topic was how to have the life you want with manufacturing disciplines.  The concept is pretty simple – apply some of the disciplines of successful manufacturing operations to our individual lives.  Sounds straightforward, but I know that I did not always use many disciplines or regular processes in making personal decisions.

We know that businesses succeed by having a strategy and consistently executing against it.  Yet I know I did not have a strong strategy or understanding of what the life I wanted really was until recently.  I’d know it when I saw it, but I had not taken the time to review what I wanted in my life.

Key to this is defining and articulating the outcomes you’d like.  What is the shape and feel of the life you want?  What do you want more of than you have today?  What do you want less of, or what would you change?  How can you bring your best self forward?  Are there talents and strengths you are not using fully?  What is your passion – are you pursuing it?

Once you are clear on what you want, then you can apply disciplines to ensure that the choices you make are getting you closer to your real goals and desire.  We will describe some of the disciplines from manufacturing that can be adapted to our individual lives in the following blog posts.  Remember, taking 10 minutes a day to be disciplined can allow you to squeeze in much more of what you want that day – every day!

I want everyone to have the life they want! We each deserve it,

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