Beyond products to customer experiences

Increasingly, manufacturers have focused on adding value with solutions and services.  With Apple as the shining example, this has now gone a step further for many – to a mission for creating outstanding customer experience. Apple sets out to empower a lifestyle and make using technology easy and not geeky; this supersedes their desire to make a cool

Rolls Royce Engines Keep Saab Planes in the Sky with Power by the Hour – pioneer in customer experience

music player, tablet, smart phone, or computer.

The trend really started decades ago with Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine’s “Power by the Hour” that is a service level agreement that their engines will keep the customers’ aircraft in the sky.  What these manufacturing companies are realizing is that they might need to switch up priorities and metrics to succeed.

When you are maintaining the equipment you ship, sound, design, high quality, and serviceability become more important than ever.  This type of shift can promote cross-functional cooperation and understanding.  Typically those happy times come after the pain of a major cultural and organizational upheaval.

One of the toughest challenges is dropping metrics that are no longer beneficial.  Many companies in these high-value environments still focus on output in product per hour or per employee.  That is a commodity product metric.  What matters is the customer experience.  So customer satisfaction and net promoter scores (NPS) are important.

Transformations of the company mission can be very useful.  Delivering higher value to your customers and helping them succeed is clearly the right path.  Keeping all of the troops moving in the new direction can be a major challenge.  Companies are doing it however.  What new experience can you create?

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