Can you See the Silver Lining in Compliance?

When you see clouds, do you see the silver lining as well? Compliance can be an opportunity.

When you see clouds, do you see the silver lining as well? Compliance can be an opportunity.

The old adage is “every cloud has a silver lining.” Finding the positive in what is typically considered a negative can be powerful.  Can you do it with compliance?

Most manufacturers rebel against compliance requirements.  Whether the demand for compliance is from a customer or a regulatory body, if the company views it only as an additional requirement beyond what they need, it can seem like a burden. However, leading companies often find that what they need to do to comply with such requirements delivers major benefits. There is a real silver lining!

Typically, compliance involves traceability, with a complete record of materials and in some cases also a complete record of the process by which a product was manufactured. Customers often demand that suppliers this type of information about how products were produced. A case in point is Nanjing Guosheng Electronic Co. Ltd. (GS-EPI), which makes epitaxial wafers for electronics.

Their customer actually demanded not only the information, but that they use MES in the plant that ships them products. Until that time, they were using manual means and spreadsheets to track production data. Faced with this customer demand, GS-EPI had to ensure they found one that met the customer requirement and would easily fit the process now and as it grows.  This required sifting through many companies in China claiming to offer manufacturing execution system (MES) to  find a few that might be appropriate for this high tech, process-sensitive plant.

The company selected and implemented a modern MES as the case study I wrote indicates. The benefits to GS-EPI of implementing MES are tremendous – efficiency, quality, and ability to prevent equipment problems. It has also allowed them to grow with some confidence, with volumes of 200,000 per month already.

Not only is GS-EPI able to serve the most demanding customers, they can now operate confidently. This is a common story with companies who implement modern MES. When the clouds of compliance demands gather, consider how they might contribute to your company’s growth and improvement. There may be far more ways than you’d ever guess.


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