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The Curious leader leverages his team

The Curious Leader

In this time of great change for manufacturing, leaders must stay curious. While good leadership requires self-confidence and knowledge, a healthy dose of paranoia about what you don’t know is also critical. Leadership means being open to new ideas¬† and actually seeking them out.¬† How? By listening both to the people around you putting your […]

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Getting Comfortable with a New Skill or Topic

How do you go from hearing about something for the first time to feeling comfortable with it? How does the initial uncertainty make you feel? Many of us feel discomfort with things we don’t know. Depending on your outlook, you might get anxious, angry, defensive, frustrated, fearful, embarrassed or just curious when faced with something […]

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Great Teams have Great Coaches: Does yours?

How many times have you seen projects deliver less than you think they could have? Or people on your team be less effective than the could be? Or entire business teams never quite gel? I ‘ve seen it quite often. There are many reasons why this happens – and today I’ll explore just one: The […]

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Perspectives in and on Projects

Why do so many projects fail to meet expectations? Because everyone involved has a different perspective and understanding of the project plan and expectations, which leads a project to lack fidelity. When it is no longer be true to our original intention the project gets off course, stuck, fragmented, unable to live up to our […]

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Terminology danger zone

When I say ‘collaboration’ do you think of working as a team, conspiring with the enemy in WW II, or software applications designed for sharing information and ideas? These are perfectly legitimate definitions. We use the same words to mean so many different things… and that’s the terminology danger zone! Much of the time, we […]

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Production: In the Supply Chain, but not Of it

While I’ve always thought of production as in the middle of the supply chain – and apparently others do to, with Make at the center of the SCOR model – that does not mean many people have experience in both domains. In fact few do. And that contributes to some disconnects. I was reminded of […]

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Who Is On the Other Side of the Table?

When you buy or sell a product (or service or concept), you need to fully understand who you are communicating and negotiating with to gain the most from the transaction. This goes beyond understanding their industry, company or site. Who is the PERSON on the other side of the table? What motivates them? This very […]

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Benefits beyond the “have to”

Nearly everyone has “have to” or “should in their vocabulary, and feels there are things that fall into those mandatory categories. For individuals that might be spending time with difficult family members, getting regular exercise, and paying taxes. For manufacturing companies, much of that is regulatory or customer compliance. We often feel these as major […]

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MESA 2014 ROI unConference

Face-to-Face Energizing Info Flows

Business travel can be a grind. Yet I am always energized by being face-to-face with others who care about information flows in manufacturing. There is something beyond the pure facts that we convey in being present with each other. Human beings need and feed off of each others’ energy. I often remember things I learned […]

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5 Lessons in Team Triumphs

The Boston Red Sox went from worst to first in the course of one year – and I think there are lessons there for every organization. Yes, I’m a big long-time member of Red Sox nation – but the lessons there are for everyone and you don’t have to root for my team to benefit. […]

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