Accelerating Innovation and Change: Camstar Global Conference

How fast can you change? And how reliably can you execute in this constantly changing environment? These

Opportunity to connect with leaders like Marti Jarsey of IR made the conference really rich!

Opportunity to connect with leaders like Marti Jarsey of International Rectifier made the conference really rich!

are becoming the keys to successful business strategy.

Manufacturers face higher and higher expectations from customers and pressure from competitors around the world. You need to respond not only from a sales standpoint, but through the entire operation – and flawlessly. One mistake the customer sees, and your approved vendor status is gone.

This level of instant, high quality response would be challenging enough for a single company and plant, but most companies have a global network of manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and outsourcing partners. Each of these facilities must be prepared. And synchronized. And visible to others.

This week, Camstar’s customers got good news about the company’s support for their innovation and change needs. Camstar’s V6 MES, due out in July, will have new portal capabilities, application server, database, user interface and industry functionality. The biggest news is an entirely new application area beyond the current Manufacturing, Quality and Intelligence: Change.

Camstar MES Change is focused on global process change management. Given that Camstar’s customers are primarily in semiconductor, medical devices, and electronics – which McKinsey categorizes as global innovators – this is a crucial capability. Whether facilities are making the same product or supplying to each other, Change enables a company to create and standardize change packages and deploy to the target sites locally. It can be used for major changes as in new product introduction or for incremental changes that result from continuous improvement.

Attendees also gained some great networking time to meet and learn from others and learn what is working now. The level of discussion, interaction and learning was impressive. Everyone learned from each other in an open intelligent fashion. Many direct competitors found ways to discuss what’s important without giving away company secrets.

Besides all of the amazing learning, I had a wonderful time. Camstar does pamper its customers, so moderating a panel for this event was a particular delight. We had fun as well as fundamental learning. Thanks to the Camstar marketing team, headed by Karim Lokas and Chris Parsons, to the others I worked with directly, and to the Camstar executive team headed by Scott Toney and Rob Rudder.

I’d like to put out a special thank you to the panelists I worked with for this event: Bernhard Marsoner, CEO of ZNT, Dr. Jonathan Chang of Infineon, and Mark Remson of NXP. Also to them plus Jack McGovern and Phil Stathas of Allegro Microsystems for participating in customer interviews we captured on video.

Photo by Julie St. Clair of FullBelly Productions.

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