Cross-industry learning

Research shows that really breakthrough innovations usually come from someone outside the field in which it is applied.  And my experience lines up with that. We are like fish unaware of the in water they live in until someone from outside our fishbowl comes along to explain it.  One of the values I bring is that I have seen so many different manufacturing and production verticals that I can often see opportunities that are not apparent from discussions within a vertical segment.

In doing research, I often find that the framework is quite different for industry specific studies vs. studies that cross multiple manufacturing verticals.  I led a research study published in February, that crossed all manufacturing sectors (Pursuit of Performance Excellence).  I also did some medical device industry analysis that study to create the report Redefining Performance Goals to Unlock Business Improvements. Then, we conducted a medical device industry study (Beyond Tradeoffs) published in July.

It was interesting to compare.  The focus of each study was a bit different – yet both showed that some in the medical device industry are much more forward thinking than others.  I have said the medical device industry is a high tech industry that is wildly conservative and immature.  The regulations they live under is a big part of the issue – but now they seem to use it as an excuse.  They are more likely to be satisfied with slow visibility of performance and less likely to have invested in software than other manufacturers.

The point I’d make here is that there is value in both types of research.  Comparing apples-to-apples within an industry segment is valuable.  Yet I believe everyone can learn from healthy cross-pollination of ideas and experiences.

That is part of why I’m so excited about the TEDx New Bedford Conference where I had the honor of presenting tday.  Artists, architects, manufacturers, educators, doctors, students, technologists… all of us sharing ideas.

TEDx New Bedford – tomorrow – and soon on YouTube! Amazing people I have met so far!!!

Thanks to Chris and Dolores, Pam and Rob, Jonathan and the Inex Advisors team for pulling together a wonderful and diverse group of presenters and attendees.  Just the cocktail reception last night gave me plenty of new ideas!

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