Epicor Buying Solarsoft Should be Good for Customers

Acquisitions can be painful for customers – but I expect Epicor to do a great job for Solarsoft customers!

Two customer-centric software companies will be coming under one roof very soon as Epicor announced their intention to acquire Solarsoft.  Both of these companies have recently been clients supporting major research projects, and I’ve had the opportunity to understand the culture and values of both companies. I am confident they will make this work out well for the customers.  While I am often in despair at the results of M&A, both of these companies understand that customers are #1.

The Epicor executive team has strong experience with acquisitions, too.  In the spirit of full disclosure, Epicor’s EVP and GM for the Americas, Kevin Roach, is someone I’ve worked with closely over a number of years (at GE, Rockwell, and previous Epicor acquisition Activant) and have a warm relationship with – but I don’t think that colors my view too strongly.  At the Epicor User Conference, I spoke with a number of customers who have been loyal customers from previous Epicor acquisitions and felt fine about those transitions.  Even those who had specific product issues (which are inevitable with software) appeared confident that Epicor would support them in their success with the software.

Solarsoft expands Epicor strongly into the batch process industries, and adds strong MES and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence to the mix.  Solarsoft also manages regulated industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, and as every manufacturer and distributor faces increasing regulatory requirements, this will support Epicor’s other verticals as well.  There will be some industry and functionality overlap for a while, but mainly it’s additive.

It’s rare for me to feel good about a software company acquisition – but this time I do.  We’ll check back in with customers in the future to be sure they feel the same after their experience.


Photo courtesy Garfield Anderssen on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78855484@N03/7223384344/

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