Have MES Come of Age?

Have we learned enough to succeed consistently? It’s the age-old question for manufacturing execution systems and operations management systems (MES/MOM). The technology is mature enough, but the practices for selecting, implementing, adopting and sustaining them… well that’s still an outstanding question.

Visibility is still a challenge for manufacturers. Implemented well, MES can help.

Visibility is still a challenge for manufacturers. Implemented well, MES can help.

Tomorrow I have the good fortune to moderate a MESA International webcast where Rick Franzosa of Gartner will share results from their 3rd annual research study of MES/MOM users. The title is: Have Manufacturing Execution Systems Come of Age?

Will we ever stop asking that question? I have been looking at MES for longer than some of my peers have been alive. We keep asking that question – as we should. We must deliver benefits with these sytsems, and it is clear benefits are available. Yet as with other complex systems, business benefits can be challenging to quantify and express fully.

Register for tomorrow’s webcast to find out what the latest research shows. Progress in understanding benefits in productivity, responsiveness and flexibility. Also clear evidence that enterprise MES has benefits over single-site solutions.

Yet some areas of issues and concerns still remain. MESA’s ROI working group has worked closely with Gartner for the past several years to understand those issues. In other research, Gartner shows that most still have visibility challenges, as the image above shows.

Find out what both those implementing these plantwide systems and the solution providers offering them should consider to boost success. Ask your questions during the live on-line Q&A session I’ll be moderating. Above all, come to learn.

As an industry, we can be more mature and thus more successful. Production companies do benefit from MES/MOM, but we all need not only to make the case, but to ensure the benefits accrue and that we explain them, promote them, and celebrate them.


Graphic: Source Gartner, Inc.  Data sources: Gartner SC User Wants and Needs Study, Gartner/MESA Business Value of Manufacturing Systems Study, Primary Research conducted with Gartner clients – Slide Rick will use in the webcast December 9

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