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With a shifting landscape, most manufacturers cannot keepĀ  keep a competitive edge with the

The 5 'Be's

Five characteristics are a foundation for manufacturers to take effective action and compete no matter their size.

status quo. On the one hand, the goal is to make production predictable and on the other nothing else in the business is. Every industry is being disrupted. Fortunately, there are ways you can BE to succeed, even if what you do needs to shift.

In fact, in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, manufacturers must learn new ways of being in order to compete. Manufacturing is a concrete act of doing, and yet what differentiates the top competitors from others is primarily how they are. Characteristics such as innovative and alert may sound obvious, but are not always easy to achieve.

Some folks achieve these things with major investments in software and process changes. However, even mid-size and smaller companies can be very successful and profitable… If they are ready to be attractive to work with not only for customers but also for employees and suppliers. For many manufacturers, this will mean some changes… in ways of being.

Top athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant studied with a sports psychologist and mindfulness coach named George Mumford, whom I recently met. I recommend his book. What I found out is that the practice mindfulness or of being present and accepting of what is true helped Jordan become a more unselfish player… and that is part of what companies need to do too.

Fortunately, companies don’t need to change everything (or meditate as a group) to improve their position. A few changes can make a big difference, especially if they are changes in areas that make a difference to how the company responds to customers and works with suppliers. All of which relies on how well-equipped and engaged the employees are.

I have identified 5 key characteristics that companies need to succeed. There are some common threads to what manufacturers might need to change in order to exhibit these ways of being. Increasingly, you can make these changes on a budget and with support from software that won’t break the bank or your employees’ spirits.

I’ll be outlining the Five Characteristics for Competitive Advantage for discrete manufacturers next week, October 8 on a live IndustryWeek webcast at 2pm Eastern time. The event is sponsored by Epicor. Hope you can join us, as there will be interactive polling and time for your questions! Find out more and register here:

While we often focus on doing as a way of having, the foundation is being. The sequence is

Be – Do – Have

So next time you wonder how to gain a competitive edge, be sure you are looking not only at what you are DOING, but also how you are BEING. Once you have these characteristics (are being this way), you can act more effectively.

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