Meditation for Happiness – Try it With my TEDx Talk Video

I’m so honored to have been a speaker at TEDx New Bedford. Amazing event!

I had the incredible honor of presenting at TEDx New Bedford earlier this fall. This event was amazing, and you can see the videos from that powerful day here. One of the things I did with my talk  is to allow my audience 2 minutes to meditate. (The main topic I covered in the previous post was how to have the life you want using manufacturing disciplines.)

Ideally you spend more than 2 minutes, but just 2 minutes a day is proven to make you more likely to feel happy.  And to make you more productive as well.

If you do watch the video of my talk, please meditate along with us.  If you are like most of us, you’ll be amazed how difficult it is to quiet down your mind for even 2 minutes.  Meditation has been an amazing pathway to contentment for me and millions of others.  Research shows that it works – if you don’t believe it, read the January/February Harvard Business Review article I mention – Positive Intelligence by Shawn Achor!

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