Modern MES/MOM Makes Manufacturing Move

A number of my recent papers and research reports have pointed to a need not only to have plantwide software, but to have something that’s modern and up-to-date.  While that may sound self-serving for my software clients who offer those products, the manufacturers who do use current software product are really the top beneficiaries. Why is that?

Flexibility: For one, because new software has at least some chance of keeping up with the pace of your business and the changes you must make to be competitive.   Many companies also find that their unique business can finally be modeled and thus fully supported and improved with current software.  Older software just does not provide the flexibility you really need.

Analysis: Another possible reason is to gain more accurate real-time data that’s usable throughout the plant and beyond.  Older MES/MOM systems captured data and kept it organized, but were bad at providing visibility to that data, particularly outside the plant.  Now, many systems include analytics – but all current systems can feed data out in more useful ways.

Cost of Ownership: It has been amazing to me that sophisticated companies in the electronics industry still use 20 year old MES.  Even though the switchover can be challenging, companies have proven it can be done – and that the benefits are available.  Particularly as FORTRAN and COBOL programming skills become nearly as scarce as the obsolete hardware and operating systems these products use.  See my paper The Right Time to Change.

Ability to Improve: Companies continue to make major gains by using MES – not only in their plant operations, but in their business.  The MESA Metrics Pursuit of Performance Excellence report based on our latest all-segments survey continues to show that result.  Part of this is by allowing

Some of my recent work about this was for Critical Manufacturing, Camstar Systems through MESA, and Rockwell, SAP, Solarsoft, Tata Consultancy Services; plus Apriso, Dassault, and Epicor in medical devices.  A new client will be making a debut of MES integrated

This year’s MESA Study Pursuit of Performance is one of many reports and papers that point up the value of modern MES/MOM.

with an established ERP system with strong industry ties.  So more soon!

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