We love to share what we know.  Julie Fraser writes and presents regularly, and has done so for many years. Often she works with associates who also write and present.  In hopes that some of this material might be useful for you in your work and/or your life, we are making some papers, research reports, articles, presentations, and other information available to you here.

Please use them well.  Do not hesitate to contact Julie with questions or comments.  If you choose to quote any of these materials, please be so kind as to do so with attribution based on the copyright information.

We will not attempt to publish all of these materials on this page, but will provide materials or links to materials that are recently available.  If there is a particular item that you don’t see here that you know about and would like, please let us know and we’ll post it for you if we can.  Keep in mind that some of our portfolio is not available for this site to post or link to, but was specifically for a client or an organization’s members or similar.

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