Put Quality at the Core with MES

Savvy manufacturers understand that quality must be a central pillar of their operation. The question is

Advancers are very likely to integrate MES and QMS. This isasiest as one system.

Advancers are very likely to integrate MES and QMS. This isasiest as one system.

how to make quality everyone’s daily business? One way is to ensure that every business process has quality at its core. Paradoxically this may mean that the information system managing quality is not called a quality management system (QMS), but rather an MES.

MES is the system that guides operators’ activities and into which they record data about the products and processes on the plant floor. As such, MES can also help enforce standard operating procedures and quality guidelines. It can detect when a quality exception has occurred.

Quality is easier to achieve when the context is clear. MES with integrated corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) inherently contains much of the context data that can help determine root causes and can help track the effectiveness of those corrective and preventive actions. MES will have information about the process as well as the product it created. All of the information about the operator, materials, and conditions are already in the system.

In some cases MES includes statistical process control (SPC). When it does, operators can be guided to take immediate action. For example, in the instance of an out-of-control reading, the MES can trigger a halt on the production line or a containment action. This instantaneous connection between quality and production operations means that no time is lost making bad products or allowing other operations add value to them.

With MES as the quality system, quality is truly at the core. Even when the operator is simply doing their job quality becomes that their business. MES guides them through quality processes and the result is high quality products. It’s hard to get more central than that.

For more information, please see the article Quality Is Everyone’s Business: Outlining 10 reasons why the MES/MOM platform is best for manufacturing quality management

Note: this post was cowritten with Francisco Almada Lobo,

CEO of Critical Manufacturing

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