Shamanic Journey #1

Last evening I had an amazing Shamanic Journey to my “sacred garden” with Laurie and Bob Wheeler.  My first experience with Shamanic Journeying proved wonderful and left me eager to do it again.  Laurie plays a traditional drum and  Bob the didgeridoo – so the vibrations alone were enough to put you in another realm.

They brought wolf and cougar pelts, along with a snake skin, buffalo fur, peacock and eagle feathers to help us connect.  And boy, did we!  The animals came with messages for me to stay on this path and break through my view of who I can be based on who I always was.  The connection to nature and the divine energy in the shamanic journey was so energizing!

Laurie and Bob have studied with John Perkins, whose book Shapeshifting I just read.  Plus many other amazing healers, shamans and teachers I don’t know (yet).  Laurie also does homeopathy and is a practitioner at The Sanctuary now.  Journeying is a wonderful personal and group development exercise – I can highly recommend it!

The power of the cougar, wolf, snake and other animals was strong in our Shamanic Journey! They have wisdom to share with each of us.

We created an energy vortex with such love and spiritual force that we ALL felt it swirling around us.  Lots of high vibration at The Sanctuary Cape Cod – where I can be found on Tuesdays 11am-3pm…

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