Streamline IT with MES for quality

As Dassault agrees to acquire Apriso, I hope they can deliver on the vision.

Win-win for IT and operations from using MES for quality.

It’s always great when you can be both more effective and more cost-effective by making a single move. This is something companies can do by combining quality management into their manufacturing execution system (MES). It will not only streamline your IT infrastructure, but also improve the effectiveness of both quality and manufacturing functions.

Let’s examine that thesis. In fact I’ll boil it down to just two key points: information flow and master data management. I could make this a much longer list, but just these two things can add up to significant savings for IT and improvement in ability for the operation to execute with high quality and effectiveness.

The first factor is that information must flow among many disciplines to achieve high quality in production operations. What better way for information to flow than to all be in a single system? The source of much of the quality data is in fact in production and likewise the people who need to execute quality plans and processes are often in production. Having a single system not only helps with off-line analysis, but also makes clear to everyone involved where to go for any data they might need. From an IT perspective, it can cut the cost of it lamenting and maintaining a system in half because integration is one of the most challenging parts of any information infrastructure.

Which brings me to my next point: Master data management is also much easier with a unified system. For those of you who are not IT geeks master data management is that ability to ensure that things like product numbers, material identifiers, reason codes and so forth are consistent. When a single system handles all of the involved data for both quality and production, this is not only easier, in some cases it’s automatic. So neither IT nor operation folks need to spend extra effort to manage the master data.

So one system to manage for IT and one system to use for operations including quality and production means benefits for everyone. IT teams are always likely to want a single system for ease of management. In this case, the benefits accrue to the operations that use the systems as well. It’s a win-win!

For more information, please see the paper  Quality Is Everyone’s Business: Outlining 10 reasons why the MES/MOM platform is best for manufacturing quality management

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