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Local sourcing can be more efficient and secure with blockchain and smart contracts.

Will Blockchain and Smart Contracts Accelerate Smart Manufacturing?

No manufacturer is an island – and thus a digitally connected supply chain is a cornerstone of any Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing discussion. For most companies secure and semi-automated work with supply chain partners is just a concept, but now you can get started in earnest! On November 15, SyncFab, a procurement platform for […]

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Moving production to 3D – even in smaller companies

For years, those in manufacturing have used 2D drawings to annotate and show critical product information such as tolerances, finishes, materials, etc. While 3D product design has been the norm for many years, the models were simply too challenging for manufacturing and non CAD-trained people to use effectively. Until recently. Model-based definition (MBD) is not […]

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