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Doing Projects and Programs Right… Rare but Possible

Vision without action to achieve it can be frustrating. If you manage programs or projects in your business, you probably realize that managing them effectively is the key to your operational and financial success. However, it’s also likely that you have not been able to improve your on-time and on-budget performance very dramatically. Its even […]

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Elvis Pointing to Me – Now That’s Quality!

I wrote a blog post recently that is on the new blog site “Manufacturing Geek” and I’m just delighted to be on there, since I am totally a manufacturing geek that they chose The King as the photo (thanks Eric!!!) The post pulls from the MESA Metrics research special report using the medical device industry […]

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Deltek Insight 2012

Managing Project-based, regulated factories needs more than ERP

How do you expand ERP and serve the customers well?  My simple answer: add-on applications.  That is exactly what Deltek is doing with its Costpoint project-based ERP offering.  (If you have never have heard of Deltek, you are probably not a government contractor or project-based type of company.  Even those using other ERP often use […]

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