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Sustainability 3Ps graphic

Sustainability: Revisiting People, Planet, Profit

How sustainable is your business? When you examine the weak links, are they in people, planet, or profits? My experience is that most companies have some weak areas in all of these… and often the weaknesses are linked. However, the approaches to solve sustainability issues often don’t fully address these interdependencies. For example, many companies […]

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MESA 2014 ROI unConference

Face-to-Face Energizing Info Flows

Business travel can be a grind. Yet I am always energized by being face-to-face with others who care about information flows in manufacturing. There is something beyond the pure facts that we convey in being present with each other. Human beings need and feed off of each others’ energy. I often remember things I learned […]

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Doing Projects and Programs Right… Rare but Possible

Vision without action to achieve it can be frustrating. If you manage programs or projects in your business, you probably realize that managing them effectively is the key to your operational and financial success. However, it’s also likely that you have not been able to improve your on-time and on-budget performance very dramatically. Its even […]

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Sustain Operational Excellence with Software

Every manufacturer wants to maximize profits. This means you need to have low costs and capacity and available capability to generate revenue. To do that, managers and their teams need to know what they can do in theory and what they are doing in practice, to see where there might be a gap. This foundation […]

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Streamline compliance using MES for quality

How much is your cost of compliance? Manufacturers of regulated products such as medical devices often struggle to understand how much they really spend to comply with government requirements. More to the point, they struggle to lower those costs. One way to make compliance both effective and efficient is to use the core manufacturing system […]

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MESA at Invensys Wonderware and Avantis User Group

I had my first opportunity to represent MESA in my new role as Outreach Director last week at the Invensys Avantis – Wonderware Tech Support Symposium in Anaheim CA.  It is a privilege to represent the association that I’ve been working with for 20 years, particularly at a time when MESA is making some major […]

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