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Agile product development PTC

Will PTC’s AgileWorx KickStart a New Trend in Product Development?

As the demand for “smart” products (e.g., smartphones, smart cars, and even smart appliances) grows, product manufacturers face a daunting challenge – how to accelerate the design and development of these complex products. With increasing levels of embedded software, “connectedness”, and complex mechanical/electrical/electronic sub-systems, these products come with a unique set of challenges for manufacturers to: […]

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SolidWorks Manufacturing Ecosystem

Mid-size Manufacturers Step into Collaboration

What can mid-size and even small manufacturers do now that they might not have been able to afford a few years ago? Collaborate. By that I mean work effectively across disciplines internally, and with customers and suppliers as well. They can also pump out amazingly innovative products at a rate that would previously taken armies […]

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Project sentiment dips

Breakdown, Breakthrough: Pushing through Discomfort to Change

Going outside of the “comfort zone” is fraught with challenges. People pushing back, challenges in planning for the unknown, unexpected setbacks and realities, disagreements and delays… Managing change typically means many periods of intense discomfort – often for many people. Yet, this is when we make progress. When things break down, you can best come […]

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Integrating Virtual to Real – 30-year Vision

Do you have any visions from 30 years ago that are still not quite reality? I do. A vision that product and process design data (virtual reality) will connect in a closed loop system with actual data from production, supply chain, and in-field use (physical reality). I think many in manufacturing have this one. Are […]

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Terminology danger zone

When I say ‘collaboration’ do you think of working as a team, conspiring with the enemy in WW II, or software applications designed for sharing information and ideas? These are perfectly legitimate definitions. We use the same words to mean so many different things… and that’s the terminology danger zone! Much of the time, we […]

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Production: In the Supply Chain, but not Of it

While I’ve always thought of production as in the middle of the supply chain – and apparently others do to, with Make at the center of the SCOR model – that does not mean many people have experience in both domains. In fact few do. And that contributes to some disconnects. I was reminded of […]

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Moving production to 3D – even in smaller companies

For years, those in manufacturing have used 2D drawings to annotate and show critical product information such as tolerances, finishes, materials, etc. While 3D product design has been the norm for many years, the models were simply too challenging for manufacturing and non CAD-trained people to use effectively. Until recently. Model-based definition (MBD) is not […]

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Expanding for Collaboration in 2015

Collaboration – sounds like nothing new, but I believe it is. Manufacturers are just starting to have appropriate tools to do this on a large scale, across company sizes and trading partners. SolidWorks 2015 aims to deliver intuitive collaboration for more people in individual companies and across all sizes of companies and trading partners. Most […]

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Can Track & Trace improve profits?

Everyone wants to have lower costs and improve their efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. Fortunately it’s increasingly possible to find approaches to do just that. As companies move from manual, compliance-oriented views of traceability and genealogy to more automated and improvement-oriented perspectives, they are finding what formerly seemed impossible: better ways to operate […]

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Deltek Insight 2012

Managing Project-based, regulated factories needs more than ERP

How do you expand ERP and serve the customers well?  My simple answer: add-on applications.  That is exactly what Deltek is doing with its Costpoint project-based ERP offering.  (If you have never have heard of Deltek, you are probably not a government contractor or project-based type of company.  Even those using other ERP often use […]

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