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Semiconductor: Escape the Trap or Die

The semiconductor industry is caught in a trap made of its own success. It’s called the whole-economy disruptor of Internet of Things (IoT). It’s alluring – huge growth potential, new applications an use cases… And yet, semiconductor makers can easily die in the trap of IoT’s need for higher mix and lower costs, faster ramp […]

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MES in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – Obvious and Subtle

The potential benefits of foreseeing the future are pretty obvious. It means you can prepare. Yet what you need to do to prepare for that foreseen future may not be quite so obvious. That is to say, you might need discernment to see subtle differences in approaches that will and won’t be suitable. Industry 4.0 […]

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Can you See the Silver Lining in Compliance?

The old adage is “every cloud has a silver lining.” Finding the positive in what is typically considered a negative can be powerful.  Can you do it with compliance? Most manufacturers rebel against compliance requirements.  Whether the demand for compliance is from a customer or a regulatory body, if the company views it only as […]

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Production: In the Supply Chain, but not Of it

While I’ve always thought of production as in the middle of the supply chain – and apparently others do to, with Make at the center of the SCOR model – that does not mean many people have experience in both domains. In fact few do. And that contributes to some disconnects. I was reminded of […]

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Selecting MES

How does a company define their needs and select a manufacturing execution system (MES) to meet them? In existing plants, the way things have always been done can get in the way of clarity about requirements. With a new product or a greenfield plant that is still under construction, the needs may not be completely […]

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Scheduling Embedded in MES

One of the most rewarding jobs I had was marketing plant floor scheduling software. We were able to optimize the operations of many manufacturers back in the day with that technology.  Think about how important it is to know WHEN to do things and WHICH resources are available to do them at that time! Especially […]

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Sustain Operational Excellence with Software

Every manufacturer wants to maximize profits. This means you need to have low costs and capacity and available capability to generate revenue. To do that, managers and their teams need to know what they can do in theory and what they are doing in practice, to see where there might be a gap. This foundation […]

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Streamline compliance using MES for quality

How much is your cost of compliance? Manufacturers of regulated products such as medical devices often struggle to understand how much they really spend to comply with government requirements. More to the point, they struggle to lower those costs. One way to make compliance both effective and efficient is to use the core manufacturing system […]

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Put Quality at the Core with MES

Savvy manufacturers understand that quality must be a central pillar of their operation. The question is how to make quality everyone’s daily business? One way is to ensure that every business process has quality at its core. Paradoxically this may mean that the information system managing quality is not called a quality management system (QMS), […]

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Medical Device Success: Beyond Products to Profit

Medical device companies have incredible opportunities to grow, but many are not increasing their profitability – only the volume. Most companies are so tied up in compliance knots they don’t realize that better operations can not only allow profitable growth, but also ease that regulatory burden. Yet a quarter of companies are managing to do […]

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