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Scope, Granularity and Scale

Can you understand and solve a broad or large-scale problem with a high-level, low granularity view? Usually the answer is no. That makes for some major challenges, as we have only a limited capacity to work with many items at the same time. Granular detail across a broad scope is very difficult to fathom. Fortunately, […]

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SolidWorks Manufacturing Ecosystem

Mid-size Manufacturers Step into Collaboration

What can mid-size and even small manufacturers do now that they might not have been able to afford a few years ago? Collaborate. By that I mean work effectively across disciplines internally, and with customers and suppliers as well. They can also pump out amazingly innovative products at a rate that would previously taken armies […]

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Re-Frame medical device DHR Product data

Re-framing in Medical Devices

Regulations – such a burden on the medical device industry. Or are they? I am advocating that companies re-frame traceability regulations to see them as opportunities. Whether it’s eDHR or UDI, these requirements are actually proving to have an enormous upside, and not just for patient safety. What most medical device companies have not yet […]

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3DS Analyst Meeting 2015

Building Toward Big Vision: The Dassault Experience

What is the most challenging part of pursuing a big vision? Often, it’s turning it into reality. The progress must be steady and realistic, which can be frustrating for a visionary. Yet the typical path to a bigger, better future is step-by-step, gathering steam and support from others as you go. Sometimes the path will […]

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Integrating Virtual to Real – 30-year Vision

Do you have any visions from 30 years ago that are still not quite reality? I do. A vision that product and process design data (virtual reality) will connect in a closed loop system with actual data from production, supply chain, and in-field use (physical reality). I think many in manufacturing have this one. Are […]

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What can you imagine?

What can you imagine? Does it show in what you do? Every company stands for something, and Bill Taylor, the founder of Fast Company, encourages business people to think of strategy as advocacy. Do you and your company stand for something compelling? Some companies truly do have a big and exciting vision and others can’t […]

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Realities for UDI and Beyond

The #1 concern that keeps medical device professionals awake at night is compliance with new regulations. The question is, how much work will medical device companies need to do to meet the FDA’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirement? Most companies will need to do quite a lot that they haven’t until now. So is it […]

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Benefits beyond the “have to”

Nearly everyone has “have to” or “should in their vocabulary, and feels there are things that fall into those mandatory categories. For individuals that might be spending time with difficult family members, getting regular exercise, and paying taxes. For manufacturing companies, much of that is regulatory or customer compliance. We often feel these as major […]

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Merger Bright with Promise and Vision – Will it Deliver?

Is consolidation a blessing or a curse? Is becoming part of larger organization a better place to be or not? As another Manufacturing Execution System/Operations Management (MES/MOM) provider is being acquired by a larger company, I ask these questions. Dassault Systemes has agreed to acquire Apriso and since they are both clients I know them […]

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FDA Pushing Simulation and Advanced Technologies at AdvaMed

I had the honor of speaking on a panel session with several very knowledgeable folks last week Monday October 1 at AdvaMed’s annual MedTech Conference.  The panel was titled Enabling Better and Faster Medical Device Development and Evaluation via Virtual Simulation, Collaboration and Regulatory Submissions. Our panel moderator was Jean Colombel, head of life sciences […]

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