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Is your manufacturing business ready to grow?

With a shifting landscape, most manufacturers cannot keep  keep a competitive edge with the status quo. On the one hand, the goal is to make production predictable and on the other nothing else in the business is. Every industry is being disrupted. Fortunately, there are ways you can BE to succeed, even if what you […]

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Closing Loops with MES

How many loops can you close with one set of solutions? Many, if it is manufacturing execution systems or operations management (MES/MOM). MES/MOM manages production operations, and those sit at the middle of many things for companies that make products of any sort. Plant operations information can close the loop in the concept-to-delivery, order-to-cash, plan-to-reality, […]

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Manufacturing Magic at IMTS

What can you imagine designing and making? Dream as big or small or complex as you’d like…Someone can probably make it, and quickly. At least that’s the big impression I came back with after visiting the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) last week. It was manufacturing magic. I was there representing Iyno and also discussing […]

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Speed matters in metrics - so those not achieving it are not as satisfied.

Are you Measuring in Ways that Foster Improvement?

We measure nearly everything in our lives.  In business, it’s important to understand your performance and what fosters good performance.  Yet that’s not as easy as it sounds.  Many companies use metrics that do not align with their core business goals.  Others don’t provide views of performance quickly enough for people in a position to […]

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Epicor Buying Solarsoft Should be Good for Customers

Two customer-centric software companies will be coming under one roof very soon as Epicor announced their intention to acquire Solarsoft.  Both of these companies have recently been clients supporting major research projects, and I’ve had the opportunity to understand the culture and values of both companies. I am confident they will make this work out […]

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Modern MES/MOM Makes Manufacturing Move

A number of my recent papers and research reports have pointed to a need not only to have plantwide software, but to have something that’s modern and up-to-date.  While that may sound self-serving for my software clients who offer those products, the manufacturers who do use current software product are really the top beneficiaries. Why […]

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