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Fast, Mobile and Adaptive for Instant Gratification

We live increasingly in an age of instant gratification. New technologies such as 3D printing, see-now, buy now and on-line product upgrades all mean we can get the very latest without waiting. The question is, how do you design and plan for products made on-demand, on-site, in real-time? What does the new manufacturing company and […]

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Lean indicators of grace and gratitude

When Lean Works: Gracefulness and Gratitude

If went in and toured two facilities, could you distinguish one with a truly lean culture from one that doesn’t? I wouldn’t have. Until Wednesday. Here’s the answer: You’d see gracefulness and gratitude. The people would be moving through their work with grace: with no hitches, confusion, sidetracking or backtracking. When one group or person’s […]

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Software Change-out and April Fools

Why did the company change out their legacy software applications? To get to the other side. This might sound like a pretty lame April Fool’s joke, but actually it’s companies who don’t change out applications who often end up being the fools. Or who don’t execute great program management and change management through a software […]

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Inside & Outside the box

Outside-the-box Business Applications

Is it time to re-vamp how you manage your enterprise information and business processes? Probably. Most companies are boxed in by their systems today. Nearly every company has an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and these were critical to establishing business process flows. Yet ERP has some major mismatches with how companies work today. For […]

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Proactive plant change – from myth to imperative

Can production companies truly be proactive about change? I hope so, but my experience makes me think it is pretty rare. Especially when it comes to investing in new processes and systems in the plant and operations. Maybe not entirely mythical, but close. So often change happens only after a major disaster. Breakdowns typically lead […]

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Manufacturing Magic at IMTS

What can you imagine designing and making? Dream as big or small or complex as you’d like…Someone can probably make it, and quickly. At least that’s the big impression I came back with after visiting the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) last week. It was manufacturing magic. I was there representing Iyno and also discussing […]

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Doing Projects and Programs Right… Rare but Possible

Vision without action to achieve it can be frustrating. If you manage programs or projects in your business, you probably realize that managing them effectively is the key to your operational and financial success. However, it’s also likely that you have not been able to improve your on-time and on-budget performance very dramatically. Its even […]

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NASA Satellite

Managing Programs for Profit – What Works?

How can you be effective and profitable in an environment where each product you make may be Making complex and sensitive equipment to special order requires excellent project and program coordination and communication different, and the contract for it is a program agreement? How do you manage when part of your job is to maintain […]

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