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Gaining Visibility – Different Paths can Work

Should a company replace, or simply add a visibility layer onto an existing system? While I’ve often advocated for investing in modern MES / MOM to gain all of the additional functionality as well as visibility and usability, there are companies that take a less drastic step and still gain visibility. Such is the case […]

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Expanding horizons from plant to supply chain

Many software companies expand out from their initial functions to support a broader process. The question is, how easy will the expansion be to make the new capabilities as successful as the original ones have been? Two prominent providers of manufacturing plant floor focused software have recently expanded their scope to include supply chain capabilities.  […]

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Benefits beyond the “have to”

Nearly everyone has “have to” or “should in their vocabulary, and feels there are things that fall into those mandatory categories. For individuals that might be spending time with difficult family members, getting regular exercise, and paying taxes. For manufacturing companies, much of that is regulatory or customer compliance. We often feel these as major […]

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Sustain Operational Excellence with Software

Every manufacturer wants to maximize profits. This means you need to have low costs and capacity and available capability to generate revenue. To do that, managers and their teams need to know what they can do in theory and what they are doing in practice, to see where there might be a gap. This foundation […]

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Can Track & Trace improve profits?

Everyone wants to have lower costs and improve their efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. Fortunately it’s increasingly possible to find approaches to do just that. As companies move from manual, compliance-oriented views of traceability and genealogy to more automated and improvement-oriented perspectives, they are finding what formerly seemed impossible: better ways to operate […]

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People Excellence and High Performance Organizations

October is always a busy month for conferences and events.  So does it make sense for you to let your team attend?  The clear answer is yes, with some obvious budgetary considerations.  Going to an industry event, user conference or, tradeshow builds your peoples’ capabilities.  Everyone needs to get out and understand how others do […]

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