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Buried Dripping big data is best

Bury and Dribble Out Big Data Analytics for Useful Results

The hype around big data analytics has reached epic proportions. It does have the potential to radically improve not only business processes, but outcomes. It can be a tasty addition to the IT menu. Unfortunately, for many manufacturers, the value has not matched up to the promise. Why Big Data Analytics Is Challenging Why aren’t […]

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Re-Frame medical device DHR Product data

Re-framing in Medical Devices

Regulations – such a burden on the medical device industry. Or are they? I am advocating that companies re-frame traceability regulations to see them as opportunities. Whether it’s eDHR or UDI, these requirements are actually proving to have an enormous upside, and not just for patient safety. What most medical device companies have not yet […]

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PLM and MES Story Grows as Siemens Adds Camstar

In the middle of the product lifecycle is Make… I have said this for years. And increasingly it’s clear that the leaders in product lifecycle management (PLM) software believe that is an important component. Last week, Siemens PL group announced its intention to acquire Camstar Systems. Siemens already had MES in Simatic IT, originally from […]

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Accelerating Innovation and Change: Camstar Global Conference

How fast can you change? And how reliably can you execute in this constantly changing environment? These are becoming the keys to successful business strategy. Manufacturers face higher and higher expectations from customers and pressure from competitors around the world. You need to respond not only from a sales standpoint, but through the entire operation […]

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Streamline compliance using MES for quality

How much is your cost of compliance? Manufacturers of regulated products such as medical devices often struggle to understand how much they really spend to comply with government requirements. More to the point, they struggle to lower those costs. One way to make compliance both effective and efficient is to use the core manufacturing system […]

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