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Perspectives in and on Projects

Why do so many projects fail to meet expectations? Because everyone involved has a different perspective and understanding of the project plan and expectations, which leads a project to lack fidelity. When it is no longer be true to our original intention the project gets off course, stuck, fragmented, unable to live up to our […]

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Have MES Come of Age?

Have we learned enough to succeed consistently? It’s the age-old question for manufacturing execution systems and operations management systems (MES/MOM). The technology is mature enough, but the practices for selecting, implementing, adopting and sustaining them… well that’s still an outstanding question. Tomorrow I have the good fortune to moderate a MESA International webcast where Rick […]

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Mainstream MES

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) may finally be entering the real mainstream, the mid-market. MES, by my definition, broadly functional systems that address many needs for production plants. To make the implementation time and cost affordable, these smaller and mid-size companies may not actually implement all of the functions or integration to equipment and other software […]

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MESA 2014 ROI unConference

Face-to-Face Energizing Info Flows

Business travel can be a grind. Yet I am always energized by being face-to-face with others who care about information flows in manufacturing. There is something beyond the pure facts that we convey in being present with each other. Human beings need and feed off of each others’ energy. I often remember things I learned […]

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Speed matters in metrics - so those not achieving it are not as satisfied.

Are you Measuring in Ways that Foster Improvement?

We measure nearly everything in our lives.  In business, it’s important to understand your performance and what fosters good performance.  Yet that’s not as easy as it sounds.  Many companies use metrics that do not align with their core business goals.  Others don’t provide views of performance quickly enough for people in a position to […]

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Clock is Ticking for Semiconductor Companies’ Legacy MES

The pioneers always get arrows in their backs. Semiconductor companies were the pioneers on which I built my early career as an industry analyst studying manufacturing execution systems (MES).  However, I don’t feel they’ve moved the same direction I have. Galloping along at the speed of Moore’s Law, it’s somewhat surprising that the semiconductor companies […]

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MESA at Invensys Wonderware and Avantis User Group

I had my first opportunity to represent MESA in my new role as Outreach Director last week at the Invensys Avantis – Wonderware Tech Support Symposium in Anaheim CA.  It is a privilege to represent the association that I’ve been working with for 20 years, particularly at a time when MESA is making some major […]

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Modern MES/MOM Makes Manufacturing Move

A number of my recent papers and research reports have pointed to a need not only to have plantwide software, but to have something that’s modern and up-to-date.  While that may sound self-serving for my software clients who offer those products, the manufacturers who do use current software product are really the top beneficiaries. Why […]

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