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Beyond IoT, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are emerging

Caution: IoT Experience is not Industry 4.0 Expertise!

Beware of your experience and expertise! It can lead you into a false sense of security and leave you in grave danger of falling behind. Please, don’t be smug. If you’ve been using the Internet of Things (IoT) for a long time, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 may look familiar. You already have ways to […]

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The Next Wave of MES in Semiconductor

There is a natural ebb and flow in every industry. Semiconductor companies really got the manufacturing execution systems (MES) market off the ground, and after a long quiet period, a wave of new MES activity is happening in the semiconductor industry. Why? Because legacy MES – especially those systems installed over 10 years ago – […]

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Have MES Come of Age?

Have we learned enough to succeed consistently? It’s the age-old question for manufacturing execution systems and operations management systems (MES/MOM). The technology is mature enough, but the practices for selecting, implementing, adopting and sustaining them… well that’s still an outstanding question. Tomorrow I have the good fortune to moderate a MESA International webcast where Rick […]

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Manufacturing Magic at IMTS

What can you imagine designing and making? Dream as big or small or complex as you’d like…Someone can probably make it, and quickly. At least that’s the big impression I came back with after visiting the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) last week. It was manufacturing magic. I was there representing Iyno and also discussing […]

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MESA 2014 ROI unConference

Face-to-Face Energizing Info Flows

Business travel can be a grind. Yet I am always energized by being face-to-face with others who care about information flows in manufacturing. There is something beyond the pure facts that we convey in being present with each other. Human beings need and feed off of each others’ energy. I often remember things I learned […]

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Peeling the Onion on Performance

Which metrics matter? Great question – but not one with a simple answer. I recently had the opportunity to publish an article in Automation World about performance metrics, and I call it Managing by Fact, Layer by Layer. Like peeling an onion, what’s on the surface is only the beginning. Measuring performance in financial terms […]

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Elvis Pointing to Me – Now That’s Quality!

I wrote a blog post recently that is on the new blog site “Manufacturing Geek” and I’m just delighted to be on there, since I am totally a manufacturing geek that they chose The King as the photo (thanks Eric!!!) The post pulls from the MESA Metrics research special report using the medical device industry […]

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People Excellence and High Performance Organizations

October is always a busy month for conferences and events.  So does it make sense for you to let your team attend?  The clear answer is yes, with some obvious budgetary considerations.  Going to an industry event, user conference or, tradeshow builds your peoples’ capabilities.  Everyone needs to get out and understand how others do […]

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Modern MES/MOM Makes Manufacturing Move

A number of my recent papers and research reports have pointed to a need not only to have plantwide software, but to have something that’s modern and up-to-date.  While that may sound self-serving for my software clients who offer those products, the manufacturers who do use current software product are really the top beneficiaries. Why […]

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