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Functions and approach both matter to MES/MOM

What do manufacturers need from MES/MOM as they move into an unknown future? What we do know is that this future features not only new technologies such as cloud, mobile, and big data getting bigger with IIoT. OK, so there are technologies to accommodate. We also are already seeing new VUCA demands and expectations for […]

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Proactive plant change – from myth to imperative

Can production companies truly be proactive about change? I hope so, but my experience makes me think it is pretty rare. Especially when it comes to investing in new processes and systems in the plant and operations. Maybe not entirely mythical, but close. So often change happens only after a major disaster. Breakdowns typically lead […]

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Gaining Visibility – Different Paths can Work

Should a company replace, or simply add a visibility layer onto an existing system? While I’ve often advocated for investing in modern MES / MOM to gain all of the additional functionality as well as visibility and usability, there are companies that take a less drastic step and still gain visibility. Such is the case […]

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Integrating Virtual to Real – 30-year Vision

Do you have any visions from 30 years ago that are still not quite reality? I do. A vision that product and process design data (virtual reality) will connect in a closed loop system with actual data from production, supply chain, and in-field use (physical reality). I think many in manufacturing have this one. Are […]

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True Predictive Maintenance to Smooth Operations

It seems like a plant manager’s dream: knowing weeks ahead of time when a production machine is going to fail, and what the failure mode will be. Maintenance and operations can both plan for needed downtime. This has been the objective for many years, but none of the previous types of maintenance approaches could do […]

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Streamline IT with MES for quality

It’s always great when you can be both more effective and more cost-effective by making a single move. This is something companies can do by combining quality management into their manufacturing execution system (MES). It will not only streamline your IT infrastructure, but also improve the effectiveness of both quality and manufacturing functions. Let’s examine […]

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Put Quality at the Core with MES

Savvy manufacturers understand that quality must be a central pillar of their operation. The question is how to make quality everyone’s daily business? One way is to ensure that every business process has quality at its core. Paradoxically this may mean that the information system managing quality is not called a quality management system (QMS), […]

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Celebrate Success!

Have you told the world about your successes? Being in the manufacturing software industry for 25 years I have seen many companies undertake projects that have delivered enormous benefits to the company. Yet, many times, the team that made it happen does not get to celebrate in a big public way – at the scale […]

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This old saw is broken: If it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it

There is an old saw where I come from that I now find is nearly always poor advice: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Sorry for non-native English speakers – an old saw is a maxim – it’s supposedly words of wisdom.) Awful grammar aside, the world is constantly changing and people who don’t […]

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Why Plant Information Matters: Because People Matter

As my career continues, I’m often asked what I do. Being a consultant and researcher on manufacturing software, specializing in plant floor software, it can be difficult to explain. And even more difficult to explain why I’m so dedicated to it. I’m finding a way to articulate what I hope to accomplish: helping companies create […]

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