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Siemens Digital Thread

Weaving the New Economy from Digital Thread

What if the new economy is already here? Some manufacturers have fully embraced the digital thread and are delivering fast, high-quality, cost-effective personalized products. As they set new expectations for customer time and value, they are also re-defining how the economy works. For these companies, Industry 4.0 is not decades away. They are designing and […]

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Industrial (R)Evolution Siemens Style

The (R)Evolution in Industry: Siemens Style

Everything is changing so fast it’s difficult to fathom. Does that sound trite? That is the truth of Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, or whatever you call it. Last week, the Siemens PLM Industry Analyst Conference theme was:  “Digitalization Changes Everything, Everywhere.” The question I came away with is whether this is an evolution or […]

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Genealogy: Missing Prerequisite?

A prerequisite for selling products in a region is to comply with environmental legislation, which typically entails knowing exactly what is in each unit. The obvious way would be to use the product genealogy – but apparently it’s not the easy way. In fact, most decision-makers can’t put their hands on genealogy data. In our […]

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PLM and MES Story Grows as Siemens Adds Camstar

In the middle of the product lifecycle is Make… I have said this for years. And increasingly it’s clear that the leaders in product lifecycle management (PLM) software believe that is an important component. Last week, Siemens PL group announced its intention to acquire Camstar Systems. Siemens already had MES in Simatic IT, originally from […]

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Expanding horizons from plant to supply chain

Many software companies expand out from their initial functions to support a broader process. The question is, how easy will the expansion be to make the new capabilities as successful as the original ones have been? Two prominent providers of manufacturing plant floor focused software have recently expanded their scope to include supply chain capabilities.  […]

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