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When to shed the old: is your system holding you back?

I have had a week of parting ways with a place that was my home away from home every week.  I had to leave, and right away. I made this decision when I began to see how I was allowing this  situation to hold me back from being my best. I’d been choosing to ignore […]

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This old saw is broken: If it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it

There is an old saw where I come from that I now find is nearly always poor advice: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Sorry for non-native English speakers – an old saw is a maxim – it’s supposedly words of wisdom.) Awful grammar aside, the world is constantly changing and people who don’t […]

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Leverage IT platforms and accurate modeling to unleash success

While semiconductor and other high tech industries are driving ever-faster change in the products we all use every day, the systems they use internally often have not changed in many years.  As pioneers in using MES, semiconductor companies have a disproportionate number of systems over 10 years old running their plants, as we discussed in […]

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Clock is Ticking for Semiconductor Companies’ Legacy MES

The pioneers always get arrows in their backs. Semiconductor companies were the pioneers on which I built my early career as an industry analyst studying manufacturing execution systems (MES).  However, I don’t feel they’ve moved the same direction I have. Galloping along at the speed of Moore’s Law, it’s somewhat surprising that the semiconductor companies […]

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