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Benefits beyond the “have to”

Nearly everyone has “have to” or “should in their vocabulary, and feels there are things that fall into those mandatory categories. For individuals that might be spending time with difficult family members, getting regular exercise, and paying taxes. For manufacturing companies, much of that is regulatory or customer compliance. We often feel these as major […]

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Meditation for Happiness – Try it With my TEDx Talk Video

I had the incredible honor of presenting at TEDx New Bedford earlier this fall. This event was amazing, and you can see the videos from that powerful day here. One of the things I did with my talk  is to allow my audience 2 minutes to meditate. (The main topic I covered in the previous […]

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Have the Life you Want with Manufacturing Disciplines: Introduction

Today I had the honor of speaking at a TEDx conference, and my topic was how to have the life you want with manufacturing disciplines.  The concept is pretty simple – apply some of the disciplines of successful manufacturing operations to our individual lives.  Sounds straightforward, but I know that I did not always use […]

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Cross-industry learning

Research shows that really breakthrough innovations usually come from someone outside the field in which it is applied.  And my experience lines up with that. We are like fish unaware of the in water they live in until someone from outside our fishbowl comes along to explain it.  One of the values I bring is […]

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