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Is your manufacturing business ready to grow?

With a shifting landscape, most manufacturers cannot keep  keep a competitive edge with the status quo. On the one hand, the goal is to make production predictable and on the other nothing else in the business is. Every industry is being disrupted. Fortunately, there are ways you can BE to succeed, even if what you […]

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Integrating Virtual to Real – 30-year Vision

Do you have any visions from 30 years ago that are still not quite reality? I do. A vision that product and process design data (virtual reality) will connect in a closed loop system with actual data from production, supply chain, and in-field use (physical reality). I think many in manufacturing have this one. Are […]

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Selecting MES

How does a company define their needs and select a manufacturing execution system (MES) to meet them? In existing plants, the way things have always been done can get in the way of clarity about requirements. With a new product or a greenfield plant that is still under construction, the needs may not be completely […]

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Scheduling Embedded in MES

One of the most rewarding jobs I had was marketing plant floor scheduling software. We were able to optimize the operations of many manufacturers back in the day with that technology.  Think about how important it is to know WHEN to do things and WHICH resources are available to do them at that time! Especially […]

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Have MES Come of Age?

Have we learned enough to succeed consistently? It’s the age-old question for manufacturing execution systems and operations management systems (MES/MOM). The technology is mature enough, but the practices for selecting, implementing, adopting and sustaining them… well that’s still an outstanding question. Tomorrow I have the good fortune to moderate a MESA International webcast where Rick […]

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Realities for UDI and Beyond

The #1 concern that keeps medical device professionals awake at night is compliance with new regulations. The question is, how much work will medical device companies need to do to meet the FDA’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirement? Most companies will need to do quite a lot that they haven’t until now. So is it […]

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Doing Projects and Programs Right… Rare but Possible

Vision without action to achieve it can be frustrating. If you manage programs or projects in your business, you probably realize that managing them effectively is the key to your operational and financial success. However, it’s also likely that you have not been able to improve your on-time and on-budget performance very dramatically. Its even […]

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This old saw is broken: If it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it

There is an old saw where I come from that I now find is nearly always poor advice: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Sorry for non-native English speakers – an old saw is a maxim – it’s supposedly words of wisdom.) Awful grammar aside, the world is constantly changing and people who don’t […]

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Smarter Test and Supplier Quality – No Blind Spots

In electronics, every company outsources to one degree or another; the question is, how much visibility do companies have into this process?  In 2005 I worked on a study with the Electronics Supply Chain Association, Regaining Control & Managing Risk: The Electronics Outsourced Model Evolves.  We discovered that electronics manufacturing had been outsourced for a […]

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Speed matters in metrics - so those not achieving it are not as satisfied.

Are you Measuring in Ways that Foster Improvement?

We measure nearly everything in our lives.  In business, it’s important to understand your performance and what fosters good performance.  Yet that’s not as easy as it sounds.  Many companies use metrics that do not align with their core business goals.  Others don’t provide views of performance quickly enough for people in a position to […]

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