Transformation through Big Data

Big data vortex

Big data reveals what we have not known about the business before.

If you have a business transformation initiative, you’d better be ready to support it with big data.  Yes, the long-term success of a new company strategy almost certainly depends on this particular technology.

Most business transformation programs focus on how to deliver greater or more differentiated value to customers and the market. If it were obvious, you would have already done it – or at least it would not require transformation.

In short, delivering more value requires the company to figure out some things it has not until now. And that is where big data is so critical. Over the last number of years, big data has been a cornerstone of conversations about new technology. The reason is that you can gain completely new insights by putting many streams of data into one context and analyzing it.

You can actually find out some things you did not know before. You don’t know what you don’t know – until the pattern is revealed in a big data analysis engine.

A pattern can not only help make sense of what you’ve seen in the past, it can begin to point to what is likely to happen in the future. Predictive analytics has been a “holy grail” for many years. Now many companies can do it on a regular and rapid basis.

Unlike many other new technologies, adoption is typically rapid once the first pilot is in use. While the selection (over 7000 solution providers) and setup can be somewhat daunting, once that first application is out, use will snowball through an organization. Why? Because putting multiple data streams together can deliver new insights far more easily and rapidly than people could with other means in the past.

In other words, people can do their jobs both more effectively and with less effort. Imagine that. Making faster progress in an easier way is something everyone can get excited about. The challenge is to get the project off the ground so that first application is in pilot mode.

Get moving with a whole new mode of transformation…
Dig beta for big data anyone?

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