What can you imagine?

Steven Levine VP of Strategy explains The Living Heart project that he's spearheading on the day FDA signs 5-year agreement.

Steven Levine VP of Strategy explains The Living Heart project that he’s spearheading. He presented on November 12, the day FDA signs 5-year agreement with the group of researchers, industry and healthcare professionals.

What can you imagine? Does it show in what you do? Every company stands for something, and Bill Taylor, the founder of Fast Company, encourages business people to think of strategy as advocacy. Do you and your company stand for something compelling? Some companies truly do have a big and exciting vision and others can’t seem to get beyond talking about their products, which is never really compelling.

I heard Bill speak at the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Forum for North America in Las Vegas last week. Dassault Systèmes has a big and compelling vision: harmonizing product, nature and life. To come close to this vision, they have continued on a major acquisition spree to expand their portfolio. The array of technologies they’ve assembled is dazzling – with 12 brands and hundreds or perhaps thousands of products. (I’m not taking the time to count them up!!!)

This conference did NOT focus on those brands or products. (Almost to a fault…) It focused on customer experiences, and on how their customers could provide better experiences to their customers. Dassault now goes to market in 12 industries.

In industries such as Aerospace & Defense and Automotive, Dassault is a leader in computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM). Some of the companies it has acquired are leaders in certain industries such as biological research as well. In other industries, the company has almost no name recognition.

Regardless of the industry’s knowledge of the company, Dassault’s experiences will require visionaries to adopt and implement them fully. They are truly designed to transform the companies that use them. That concept of harmonizing product, nature and life is one that takes Dassault and its customers into new realms.

For example, the photo I selected above to represent this event for the blog post is of Steven Levine, Chief Strategy Officer for Dassaulat. He spearheaded The Living Heart project which now has I think 34 participants, including the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This realistic simulation of the human heart (initially focused on mechanical functioning of a baseline average male heart) is designed as a “core technology base for education and training, medical device design, testing and regulatory science.”

For the first time, doctors can see what a beating human heart looks like from all angles. They have created a hologram demo on a tablet as well as an immersive experience of walking through this heart. All of our hearts beat faster as Steven explained that the model for this project was a young girl whose left and right ventricles were switched (a life threatening condition) and has had four pacemakers before the age of 20.

Our hearts beat faster when he explained that the young girl is his daughter, who is now 23 and entering into medical research. Our jobs are not necessarily divorced from our personal lives. Every aspect of our life can enrich and inspire the others. Dassault does a great job of finding compelling topics and helping companies find ways to address them.

I learned vast amounts about industries like energy, power, utilities, AEC, mining and natural resources that I don’t know very well, as well as learning more about industries such as life sciences, automotive and high tech that I do know well. Will all of the Dassault 3D Solution Experiences be right for every company in all of those industries? Of course not. Nothing ever is.

However, Dassault’s big thinking does help to create new thought processes for everyone. The core theme “If We…” raises the view from our next footstep to the horizon of possibility. That is so important. As Bill Taylor suggests, “you can’t let what you know limit what you can imagine.”

I imagine a world where product manufacturing is an unmitigated force for good, not a controversial tug-of-war with environmentalists nor those seeking “work-life balance”.

What can you imagine? I’d love to know and explore it with you.

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