What We Deliver

Iyno Advisors provides a wide range of services to clients seeking to improve their business success.  These are provided in customized ways to fit a client’s particular needs at a given time.

·  Powerful Positioning

  • Understanding and addressing market needs
  • Crafting a story that compels new understanding and action

·  Reasoned Research

  • Asking important questions in ways that respondents are comfortable
  • Analyzing feedback into actionable concepts for all parties

·  Clear, Compelling Writing

  • Articulating complex concepts for corporate audiences
  • Generating thought leadership and provoking new thinking patterns

·  Engaging Public Speaking

  • Putting knowledge and research in terms that hit home with the audience
  • Independent illumination of issues and their context for greater inspiration

·  Motivating Staff Training

  • Fun and entertaining ways to get people up to speed and effective
    • customer-facing staff – sales, presales, marketing, consulting
    • any staff or partners to improve collaboration and understanding
  • Learning that incorporates games, competition, cooperation and laughter

·  Meeting and Discussion Session Facilitation

  • Independent and credible non-aligned party to moderate events
  • Patient yet strong in enforcing respect and adherence to schedule and ground rules

·  Intuitive Advice

  • Ability to combine gut feel and inner knowing with data, knowledge and evidence
  • Mindful understanding of the energy in people and situations

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