Who We Are

Julie Fraser

Iyno Advisors started in 2012 after principal and founder Julie Fraser realized that research and data

Julie Fraser, Principal and founder. Photo by Dave Bradley

Julie Fraser, Principal and founder. Photo by Dave Bradley

are great, but intuition and gut feel play a critical role in successful businesses and communication about them.  This is the next step in her nearly 30-year career as industry analyst in manufacturing software. Her work focuses on understanding and articulating what production and manufacturing companies need to be and do to deliver value, and how manufacturing, supply chain, analytics, design and enterprise software can serve those needs.

Fraser set up Iyno Advisors to leverage body, mind and spirit to generate value for clients and associates alike.  This is a collaboration with clients, associates, experts, and the wisdom of the wider universe.

She is a lifetime member of MESA International, and also works with other organizations and publications to collaborate for greater industry success.

Nancy Hodgman, Marketing and Administration Organizer

Nancy Hodgman, Marketing Administration and Organizer extraordinare

Nancy Hodgman, Marketing Administration and Organizer

Nancy is an incredible organizer, communicator and wise advisor. She has so many skills and talents in marketing and administration we can’t possibly list them all. No matter what the task, Nancy is ready to dig in whether it’s mind-bending scheduling and communication or simple clerical tasks. She is a real innovator about being productive and efficient. She is also devoted to her family, community and animals.

This is the third company where Julie has relied on Nancy to stay on top of things and reasonably sane. Julie says,” I’m so grateful to Nancy every day. I would never choose to be in business without her!”

Jeffrey Hill, Senior Analyst

Jeffrey Hill, Analyst Researcher and Writer

Jeffrey Hill, Analyst Researcher and Writer

Jeff is a talented writer and researcher who loves to communicate. This is only surprising because Jeff is a self-described geek. He spent many years in IT, helping the companies he worked for use computers to create new business models and succeed. In addition, Jeff worked for legendary IT providers such as Sun, Interleaf and Lotus. He also spent several years as an analyst at Aberdeen Group, and later as a researcher and analyst focusing on Green IT. Jeff is co-author of Green IT for Dummies, published by Wiley Press (2009).
In addition to writing about IT, Jeff is into sound recording as well as publishing historical train timetables. He and his cat get all kinds of interesting things done!

Amy Rowell, Senior Analyst

Amy Rowell, Senior Analyst and PLM maven

Amy Rowell, Senior Analyst and PLM maven

Amy is an industry/research analyst who really enjoys engaging with users, and translating these discussions into insights of value to both the user community and to technology providers. Topics covered range from PLM, innovation, robotics, and sustainability to the impact of key IT enablers (e.g. cloud, big data/analytics, social networks, and mobility) on organizational performance. The irony is that Amy prides herself in her limited use of technology in her personal life – preferring a clothesline to a clothes dryer, and a rowboat to a powerboat! That said, she has a great interest in research involving the development of ‘smart products,’ 3D printing/additive manufacturing, and ‘cloud-enabled’ virtual product design and development. Early in her professional career, Amy worked at both Westinghouse and a GE-spin-off called Applied Robotics. More recently, she has held senior research analyst positions at IDC and the Aberdeen Group. She was also instrumental in helping to launch both MCADCafe and CADENCE magazine, and has written for numerous information providers in the tech sector, including Desktop Engineering, Design News, and Computer Graphics World. She currently resides on the Maine coast, where she splits her time between her research projects, her son’s basketball games, and dog walks with their 13-yr old golden retriever, Madigan! 

About Our Images

The chambered Nautilus shows the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci sequence. The animal is the only mollusk to add to its shell as it grows, rather than shed it. It uses older chambers by injecting various amounts of water to regulate its buoyancy, as a scuba diver does with air. Iyno Advisors supports its clients in their own unique ability to grow, evolve, and maneuver successfully.

iyno-logo-newOur logo mark was designed to illustrate both the ripple effect of impact that buyers and sellers of technology have on each other, but also the nuances and shading that are critical for each side to understand each other. We support the ripple effect in all its nuances.